Pedestrian Tunnels

Pedestrian tunnels are most prominent around locations where heavy foot traffic and car/train traffic intersect. These areas include parking garages, shopping centers, school zones, recreational facilities, and train depots.

Pedestrian tunnels are commonly used in conjunction with underpasses. The pedestrian tunnel can be sub-grade with stairs or ramps leading to the passageway or at ground level with the road or rail tracks elevated.

Many of the benefits of pedestrian tunnels include the following:
  • Increased safety to pedestrians by removing them from heavy car traffic areas
  • An increase in the use of public transportation
  • ADA accessibility
  • Adds aesthetic appeal to surrounding area
  • Provides increased accessibility to retail merchants
  • A potential increase in property values, sales, and revenue

The experienced staff at Turn-Key Tunneling allows you the opportunity to have your own “turn-key” pedestrian tunnel. Our in-house Professional Engineer can design your pedestrian tunnel to your specifications or custom design a tunnel to your unique application. Most pedestrian tunnel designs range from 7 ft. to over 16 ft.

Turn-Key Tunneling recently completed two 15 ft. pedestrian tunnels in the borroughs Malvern, PA and Glenolden, PA. The pedestrian tunnel in Malvern was built under a live Amtrak rail lines with trains going upwards of 80 MPH! The pedestrian tunnel was critical to improving pedestrian safety in close proximity to a heavily traveled road and the convenient access to City of Philadelphia.

The pedestrian tunnel in Glenolden, PA was completed at grade and connected two portions of a highly active community park.